MMTUEA Company has started its activity by relying on the expertise and professional by managers with 10 years of experience in Oil & Gas on design and consulting, supply systems, installation and commissioning of F&G – ESD – Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment & Explosion proof video surveillance systems and managed and advanced its proper place in national and industrial projects such as petrochemical , refineries & power stations, …
MMTUEA  has been reached to a significant progress in this area in a short time with extensive import and active participation in tenders and trying to implement successful EPC projects.


Our strength lies in our people and the Engineers have a broad industrial and business background enriched with in-depth knowledge of control systems and equipment.
MMTUEA  employees are continuously updated through professional development courses with a focus on management, sales and engineering training.


Global Provider

Providing full range of safety systems solutions, in all areas where hazardous substances such as combustible liquids & gases are worked, and satisfying our customer’s needs is our priority.

Integrated Systems

Customers encourage integration of F&G Systems with ESD and/or Fire Suppression Systems to reduce cost and ensure simple, total system, technical/contractual interface. MMTUEA  has the organization and the skill to be the sole supplier for Integrated Solutions.

F&G Detection

MMTUEA  has the ability to design and supply F&G Systems with the best suited combination of state-of-the-art control panels (conventional/addressable, with releasing system), PLC and field devices, up to SIL 3 certification.

Emergency Shut Down

MMTUEA  offers ESD based on the well proven Hima HI-Quad technology up to SIL3. As independent supplier, we also design and supply ESD based on Dual Redundant and Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) technology.

Paging System

MMTUEA  designs and supplies PA GA and Itercom systems for reliable application in the communication between the process areas and the operator in chemical and explosive hazardous areas, in high range of temperatures and dust presence , in high noise application.

Fire Suppression

MMTUEA  offers any tipe of extinguishing systems based on:
Gas (C02, Inert Gases, FM200, Novec) – Foam – Dry Chemical – Water (Deluge, Water Mist).

Site Assistance

In addition to equipment selection, systems supply and warranty, with repair service, we can help with training, troubleshooting, service contracts and spare parts.
MMTUEA  has a team of fully trained, experienced site service engineers and technicians who have expert knowledge of the systems we design and install.
Site assistance may cover:
•    Supervisioning
•    Testing
•    Commissioning
•    Start up
•    Maintenance
Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management

MMTUEA  recognized as a company with engineering and manufacturing team which design, build and configure safety systems (and control, if required) with extended services to SAT and site assistance.
MMTUEA  is an independent specialist with full scope ‘cradle to grave’ services, i.e.: engineer, procure, construct, configure, test and commission.
The specialized experience combines with the flexibility of a lean organization in a perfect match for adequately serving across the world on new turnkey projects or revamping.
In case or revamping requirements, we undertake detailed field survey of existing system, advise customer of the revamping requirement, it’s estimated cost and time of completion.
MMTUEA  “product independent” approach allows to work with client nominated suppliers, or to select the best solutions through our partnership with world leader suppliers.