Personal Safety Equipment

Fire Alarm and F&G Systems

Personal Safety Equipment

Instrument Equipment

Wet & Dry Hydrant
Fire Monitor (Lever Type , Gear Type, Remote Control Type)
Tower for Fire Monitors
Post Indicator Valve
Hose Box and Cabinet
Skid Of Deluge
Skid Of CO2 System
Foam Chamber
Hose Reel
Deluge Valve
Deluge Skid
Deluge Dry & Wet Alarm Check Valve
Spray Nozzle & Sprinkler
Water Mist Fire Suppression
CO2 Fire Extinguishing
Inert Gas (IG55, IG01, IG100, IG541)
(FM200) HFC227ea, HFC125
Fire Foam Suppression Systems & Equipment
Foam Bladder Tank
Foam Dosing
Foam Chamber  & Foam Maker
Foam Branch Pipe­
Fire Powder Suppression Systems & Equipment
RIMSEAL (Foam & CF3I) Systems for Floating Roof Tanks
Aerosol Fire Suppression
PLC based Fire & Gas System (SIL Certified)
Fixed & Portable Gas Detectors (Explosion proof and No-Ex)
Flame Detectors (Explosion proof and No-Ex)
 Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
Air Sampling Smoke Detector
Beam Smoke Detector
Linear Heat Detector
Manual Call Point
Sounder, Horn, Bell
Flasher (Beacon)
Safety Shower & Eyewash
First Aid Kit
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
Hard hats
Bump Caps
Work gloves and gauntlets
Wrist cuff arm nets
Safety glasses and goggles
Eye and face shields
Eyewear accessories
Earplugs and defenders
Safety boots and shoes
Life jackets
Clothing for specific weather conditions
High-visibility clothing
Fall-arrest systems
Body harnesses
Lowering harnesses
Rescue lifting
Energy absorbers

Bulk Material

Fire Resistance & Fire Retardant Cable (Armored & Non-armored)
Cable Gland (Ex & Non-Ex)
Junction Box (Ex & Non-Ex)