Zhongan S103 point four-wire gas detector


Gas detected Measuring Range Optional Range Resolution Ratio Response Time
LEL -combustible gas 0-100%LEL 0-100%VOL(Infrared or catalytic ) 1%LEL/1%vol ≤10s
 carbon monoxide 0-1000PPm 0-500/2000/5000PPm 0.1/1PPm ≤10s
TVOC 0-100PPM 0-100PPM 0.1PPm/1PPM ≤15s
hydrogen 0-100%LEL 0-1000PPM 1%LEL/1PPM ≤15s
natural gas 0-100%LEL 0-100%LEL 1%LEL ≤10s
Oxygen-O2 0-30%VOL 0-30%、0-100%VOL 0.1%vol ≤10s
ozone 0-10PPm 0-20、100PPm 0.01PPm/0.1PPM ≤15s
hydrogen sulfide-H2S 0-100PPm 0-50、200、1000PPm 1/0.1PPm ≤10s
Methane-CH4 0-100%LEL 0-100%VOL 1%LEL/1%vol ≤10s
fluorine 0-10PM 0-1、10PPM 1/0.1PPm ≤15s
hydrogen chloride 0-20PPm 0-20/50PPm/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPm ≤15s
Nitrogen-N2 0-30%VOL 0-30%VOL、100%VOL 0.1%LEL/1PPM ≤10s
hydrogen 0-100%LEL 0-1000PPm 1%LEL/0.1PPm ≤15s
chlorine 0-20PPm 0-10、100PPm 0.1PPm ≤15s
ammonia gas 0-100PPm 0-50、500、1000PPm 1/0.1PPm ≤15s


Functions Features

  • Four bus structure wiring
  • High measurement accuracy and low zero drift
  • Explosion-proof design
  • Can be used in factory conditions in hazardous areas 1, 2
  • Wireless remote control technology
  • Natural diffusion detection
  • Chinese LCD display
  • Two sets of switch signals
  • High IP66 protection grade
  • DC24V power supply
  • Sound and light integrated alarm


Zhongan S103 integrated point gas detector can meet the sound and light alarm prompt of gas detection site, and display the real-time monitoring of the gas concentration in the field. The infrared remote control is used for on-site debugging, and the parameters can be set without opening the cover.

Zhongan S103 type point gas detector can convert the concentration signal of air leakage gas into electrical signal for remote transmission. The instrument adopts the digital output mode of four buses, which has the advantages of long transmission distance and anti-interference. The meter is customized for wireless transmission and can be used independently. It has passive output point output or switch output and other functions.

Detection gas combustible/toxic and harmful gas (see attached table)
Detection method natural diffusion
Detection principle catalysis; electrochemistry; semiconductor; infrared
Detection range (0~100%) LEL; 0-****PPM


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