S400 fixed Gas Detector(With sound and light alarm)


S400 fixed Gas Detector is a multifunctional intelligent gas detection instrument, the instrument adopts high performance detection devices and micro computer control technology, and combined with automatic mount of advanced manufacturing technology, the products of both the scene buzzing indicating sound and flashing lights , and the real-time display of monitoring gas concentration field.

S400 multi-functional gas detector can be in the air gas concentration signal into the electrical signal display and remote transmission, using three wire 4 to 20mA or four RS485 bus output, with long transmission distance and anti-jamming etc..

S400 fixed Gas Detector can be used in chemical plant, smelting, fire, gas refrigeration and papermaking wastewater treatment, food, rubber, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, casting, mining, communications and other municipal fire power to anti explosion, poisoning prevention, anti suffocation in the industrial environment. this model candetect 1-4 different gases , you can choose the gas that you need to detect from the below gas list;

Gas detected Measuring Range Optional Range Resolution Ratio Response Time
LEL -combustible gas 0-100%LEL 0-100%VOL(Infrared or catalytic ) 1%LEL/1%vol ≤10s
 carbon monoxide 0-1000PPm 0-500/2000/5000PPm 0.1/1PPm ≤10s
TVOC 0-100PPM 0-100PPM 0.1PPm/1PPM ≤15s
hydrogen 0-100%LEL 0-1000PPM 1%LEL/1PPM ≤15s
natural gas 0-100%LEL 0-100%LEL 1%LEL ≤10s
Oxygen-O2 0-30%VOL 0-30%、0-100%VOL 0.1%vol ≤10s
ozone 0-10PPm 0-20、100PPm 0.01PPm/0.1PPM ≤15s
hydrogen sulfide-H2S 0-100PPm 0-50、200、1000PPm 1/0.1PPm ≤10s
Methane-CH4 0-100%LEL 0-100%VOL 1%LEL/1%vol ≤10s
fluorine 0-10PM 0-1、10PPM 1/0.1PPm ≤15s
hydrogen chloride 0-20PPm 0-20/50PPm/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPm ≤15s
Nitrogen-N2 0-30%VOL 0-30%VOL、100%VOL 0.1%LEL/1PPM ≤10s
hydrogen 0-100%LEL 0-1000PPm 1%LEL/0.1PPm ≤15s
chlorine 0-20PPm 0-10、100PPm 0.1PPm ≤15s
ammonia gas 0-100PPm 0-50、500、1000PPm 1/0.1PPm ≤15s


  • Alarm record query function
  • Detection accuracy adjustable, adjustable range
  • Long life, high sensitivity, low drift, stable and reliable work
  • Sensor fault self test, two levels of alarm, with the relay output function
  • LCD or LED gas concentration digital display and working status display
  • With temperature compensation, automatic zero correction function
  • RS485 digital output, can upload PLC, DCS system
  • The design of explosion proof is applied to the 1 and 2 zone of the dangerous condition


Sampling mode natural diffusion
Detection range (0~100%)LEL;0-****PPM
Resolving 1%LEL;1PPM/0.1PPM
Measurement error ±3%LEL;
Status indication LCD


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