UVIR Flame Detector | RFD-2TN (With Mounting Base)


• UV/IR Dual-sensors

• Wide field of view

• Enhanced False Alarm Immunity against sunlight and artificial false alarm sources

• Suitable for general areas such as gymnasium, commercial facilities, and cultural heritage



RFD-2TN is a UV/IR type flame detector.

Identify fire when both UV and IR sensors simultaneously detect the presence of a flame.

Maximum 30 meters of detection range with a100 degree cone of vision.

User selectable output options among Relays, 4-20㎃ stepped output, and RS-485.

[  Specification  ] 

• Type : Ultraviolet and Infrared, Non Explosion-proof

• Nominal sensing range : 30m

• Sensing angle : 100°, Cone type

• Operating temp. :-40~+75℃

• Humidity : 0~95%

• Output signal


– Fire : 1A(250VAC, 30VDC), A-B connect point

– Error : 1A ( 250VAC, 30VDC ), A-B connect point

– 4~20mA

– RS485

• Function

– Diagnostic sensor fault enable – Self test

– Remote self diagnostic ON/OFF control ( BIT )


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